Freedom Hair Wigs

Freedom Wigs from Periwig Consultants“People are amazed when I tell them I wear a wig... they don’t believe me... “  Denise

A Freedom Hair wig:

  • Looks and feels totally natural
  • Uses 100%, unprocessed hair
  • Is created using a mould of your own head for a custom made fit
  • Is a suction or vacuum wig so there’s no need for tapes or glue

“Play physically demanding sport, romance the night away, swim in the sea...”

Freedom Hair wigs give you the confidence to live your dreams

Taylored Pieces is the only Freedom Hair supplier in Wales and the south west of England and one of just four Freedom Hair suppliers in the UK.  

Made in New Zealand by Freedom Wigs, Freedom Hair wigs are the perfect solution for long term hair loss.

Freedom WigsThe Freedom wig is:

  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Comfortable because it’s made from soft, permeable silicone. No scratching or scalp irritation
  • A perfect fit because it’s made from a mould of your head, tinted to match your skin colour
  • Smooth and light. It feels like a second skin
  • Secure. The made to measure silicone cap creates a suction fit and can’t come off accidentally. Comfortable and secure.  No tapes or glue.
  • Tailored to your needs. You can specify colour, curl, texture, length, implanting density, crown and parting location.  Or have it coloured or permed at the styling stage
  • Easy to look after.  No regular salon visits or ongoing expense.

“The minute I put it on my whole life changed. I cried a lot of tears. I could now swim, do heaps with the kids.  I didn’t have to worry who was behind me anymore, and no more worrying how windy it was. I had total freedom, it is so life like.  Now I feel whole and beautiful, I can tie my hair up, do anything I want with it. I am so overwhelmed with what this wig has done for me.  I am lost for words...  It has changed my life totally...”  Toni

To order a Freedom Hair wig we’ll need to have a face to face appointment.  To find out more call me on 0781 207 9143 or email me at

Freedom Hair wigs are handmade in New Zealand by skilled technicians who know that what they do makes a real difference to people with long-term hair loss.  To find out more about Freedom Wigs take a look at their website


Who are Freedom Hair wigs suitable for?

Freedom Hair wigs are designed for people with long-term hair loss.  They are available for women, men and children.

Where can I buy a Freedom Hair wig?

There are only four Freedom Hair suppliers in the UK.  Periwig Consultants are the only Freedom Hair supplier in Wales and the South West of England.

How do I get a Freedom Hair wig?

To get a Freedom Hair wig you’ll need to come to our premises in Cardiff for a consultation.  We’ll discuss the hair colours and styles you prefer.  We’ll also take a mould of your head to ensure a secure fit.

What are Freedom Hair wigs made of?

Freedom Hair wigs are made from 100% human hair that has not been treated in any way. The hair is matched to your ethnic origin whether you’re from European, Indian or Asian descent.

The cap is made of a soft and permeable silicone, tinted to match the colour of your skin.

Why won’t Freedom Hair wigs come off accidentally?

Freedom Hair wigs won’t dislodge or come off accidentally because the silicone cap creates suction. This is because the cap is made from a mould of your head and will therefore provide comfort and security. 

However, to ensure this secure fit you need to have no hair or keep your head shaved.  This is one of the reasons Freedom Hair wigs are best suited to people with alopecia totalis and universalis or for those who prefer to shave their heads with patchy hair loss.

How do I take my Freedom Hair wig off?

To remove your Freedom Hair wig simply use your fingers to break the suction seal at your temples.

Are Freedom Hair wigs comfortable?

Freedom Hair wigs are smooth, light and feel like a second skin.  The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap and don’t come into contact with your scalp. 

What can I do in a Freedom Hair wig?

Anything! Swim, run, dance, ride in an open-top car.  Freedom Hair wigs give you the confidence and the freedom to live the life you want in the way you want to live it.

Can I style a Freedom Hair wig?

Yes. Once your Freedom Hair wig has been made and sent to you, you can arrange to have it styled and coloured in the way you’d like.

Are Freedom Hair wigs easy to look after?

Yes. You just need to wash your scalp and the inside of the cap daily.  You should wash your hair once a week.

Please see our section on ‘Aftercare’ for more information

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